Are Renpho Scales Accurate : For Accurate Measurement

For those who are gearing up to burn some fat, having the right equipment around is one of the most important things. Renpho scales, for example. Basically, used to measure body weight in addition to some other metrics, where measuring body fat percentage is a notable mention.   

Weight loss, that is to say fat loss has turned into a billion-dollar industry. Every day new technologies are being introduced. Manufacturers are racing to make things easier and user-friendly. And, these devices rationally seem to make a difference. Nevertheless, the question remains how accurate these devices are? 

As we are dealing with Renpho scale today, our focus will be bestowed on it. Renpho is a kind of smart scale, which is incorporated with a dedicated app. Thus, all the information and all can be accessed with a smartphone. However, since it’s a fresh idea, people still are skeptical, are Renpho scales accurate? Stay glued to discover.    

How Renpho Scale Works

Before reaching a decisive conclusion regarding Renpho’s accuracy, let’s have a look at how Renpho scale works. It’s a smart scale, which can store data of up to eight persons. That means you along with your entire family can be benefited from a single device.

Are Renpho Scales Accurate 

Renpho checks your weight, records and relays this information to the manufacturer’s dedicated server using your Wi-Fi network. Well, you might be thinking of what the manufacturer will do with my information. Take it easy, the manufacturer has nothing to do with your data, rather it’s for your convenience. 

Renpho has a dedicated app available both in the android and iOS app stores. Simply install that in your phone in order to track your weight and other data. Apart from that, these scales are equipped with Bluetooth compatibility; smart communication is a reality now.

To weigh one’s body composition, it sends a low wave of electricity up through one foot. A sensor is placed beneath another foot, which takes the reading of the current passed through. The recipe is, electricity passes through human body fat more slowly, and thereby the scale measures the volume of resistance to come back up with the body composition.    

How Accurate Renpho Scales Are?

In an era of digital weight management, where the number of apps that facilitate tracking metrics relating to overall nutrition is rapidly growing. However, the name Renpho still is a formidable force at a reasonable cost. When it comes to accuracy, Renpho seems only to be comparable to high-end, expensive variants or medical-grade devices.

how accurate is renpho scale

Generally, body fat scales are known for providing rough estimates only. Nevertheless, Renpho’s proficiency in tracking and analyzing all the information in an app, too, without any data being inputted manually demands some real acclamations. With time, many scales of its kind seem to have functionality errors. In some cases, calibration issues force users to abandon the device.   

However, Renpho successfully passed the test of time, too, with a decent degree of accuracy and reliable stats. Connects smoothly with apps and can sync and track all the data. In addition to that, you can use features to connect with other nutritional information or can see the progress you have made over time. 

What Does Renpho Scale Measure?

Can also be termed as a digital bathroom scale, Renpho scales together with body fat percentage can also effectively measure 12 other metrics. Which includes

uses of renpho scale

  • Age of the body: This scale doesn’t actually measure your age. Rather, compare your basal metabolic age with various age groups and suggest a result that matches a certain age group.   
  1. Availability of water in your body: it can effectively measure water content in your body. For a man, if it shows results between 50 to 65 then you have enough water. And for a woman, it ranges from 45 to 60. Anything less than the minimum suggests you need to drink more.
  2. Your weight: Your body weight alone can indicate how healthy you are. A healthy weight is key to lessen the risk of most common chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 
  3. Bodyweight without fat: Lean body mass – this is how they term it. It’s the combined weight of muscle, organs, water, and bone only.  
  4. Amount of fat in your body: A key indicator of how your body is responding to the workout. If you are gaining weight without gaining fat your workout is on the right track. However, if things go the other way, revise your course of action immediately.     
  5. BMI: Another key determinant in how healthy you are. Basically, it gives a result based on your height and weight.
  6. Muscle mass: Those who have higher levels of muscle mass can burn more body fat and vice versa. Thus, measuring it remains crucial and Renpho does it for you.  
  7. Skeletal muscle: Effectively preventing fat storage, skeletal muscle is a combination of nerves, bones, muscle tissue, and blood vessels. A healthy level of it indicates one can be more dynamic in exercise and movements.
  8. Bone mass: It measures your bone mass by passing electricity through your bone at a variable rate. 
  9. Amount of Protein: Renpho can measure the amount of protein in a human body, which is important. A lack of protein indicates a higher level of fat.   
  10. Basal metabolism: The number of calories you need to function is determined by basal metabolism. If the result seems high, you burn more calories than others. 70 percent of your consumed calories each day is used for basal metabolism.
  11. Visceral fat: The fat that safeguards the vital organs. A healthy level of it means a lower risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. However, if your weight doesn’t vary, as you age, the level of visceral fat may be high in your body, which can cause health complications.   
  12. Subcutaneous fat: In general harmless, subcutaneous fat is stored just beneath our skin and can provide protection against some diseases. 

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