Food Scale vs Postal Scale – An Insightful Comparison

When you hear the word scale, instinctively you start to think about weighing something. Yes, scale is the device that measures weight, but the purpose could be quite diverse. Often we consider every scale as the same, which is not the case. Nowadays, a range of scales is being used for a variety of reasons.

For example, food scale and postal scale. While, both the scale used for weighing things, however, they have designated use. There are some dissimilarities in their use, which people often misinterpret and think both are same. We can’t just blame them, since both the scales come in almost the same size and shape.

Nonetheless, when it comes to precision in weighing, there is a notable difference. Thus, it’s important to select the right one that suits your purpose. Move forward to know the comparison between food scale vs postal scale.

Before we move any further it’s important to know what food scale and postal scale stand for.

Food Scale

As the name suggests, a food scale is something that’s designed to weigh food. Usually we intake food as much as we need. Hardly we overeat and it feels uncomfortable if one eats more than his capacity, in some cases even eating belly full is also uncomfortable. Now the question is why we need to weigh food?

Food Scale

Well, not everyone essentially needs a food scale. Those who are on a diet and watching serving sizes and calories, a food scale is imperative for them. Besides, a food scale is the best way to keep your craving in check.

There are people who normally eat servings that are much larger than what they are supposed to eat. And, if the dish happens to be delicious, we understand it’s hard to restrain yourself. On the other hand, if you start with limited food, things are going to be simple for you, one thing for sure.

Postal Scale

If you are in the shipping business you are well aware of postal scale. But, those who are not acquainted with the term we are here to help. The name itself clearly indicates that it weighs things which are about to be shipped. In plain words, a postage scale is solely designed to weigh postal packages.

Postal Scale

Besides, it helps you determine the postage rate of the parcel or mail, which you are preparing to send. They are commonly known for producing precise weight and are quite sensitive in comparison with other scales. Thus, most businesses that are involved in shipping products to customers rely heavily on it.

Moreover, it slashes the postage cost quite significantly, saves thousands of dollars for the business, saves working hours, thus labor cost and relieves you from the annoyance of waiting in front of the local Post Office for hours. Postal scale comes in three different types which includes USB programmable scale, Digital scale and manual scale.

Food Scale vs Postal Scale

Well, after all these discussions you already have an idea of how differently these scales work. However, if you search for more clarity, read ahead to learn about the key differences between a food scale and a postage scale.

1. Use

A food scale is mostly a household item that is found in the kitchen. Besides, businesses that are involved in food preparation, restaurants, for example use these scales. It’s designed to assist you in getting the quantity right during cooking.

On the other hand, businesses that sell products online found it mandatory to have a postal scale placed in their office. Basically used to weigh the mail or parcel that is about to be shipped. In addition to that, modern postal scales are also being used to determine the postage charges and update the online database automatically.

2. Accuracy

It’s quite evident that food scales are designed to weigh food, mostly for those who maintain a diet chart. And, in some cases it is also used in weighing ingredients for a dish, where accuracy can be weaved a bit. Therefore, food scales aren’t that accurate and often used to get an approximate estimation.

Accuracy of Scales

When it comes to postal scale, well things are quite different. A postal scale is all about saving money and making things easy. Thus, it is conceivable that these scales won’t compromise in terms of preciseness. Apart from that, digital as well as programmable scales are quite sensitive and yield very precise readings. Furthermore, some scales even produce weight calculations of up to several decimal points.

3. Capacity

In general, food scales tend to have lower weight capacity. On the other hand, a postal scale can weigh up to 250 pounds and are available in various weight capacities. For low-level use, there is also a compact unit that offers a weight capacity of 3 pounds.

If you want to ship only small items a food scale will get the job done for you. But, when it comes to dealing with larger items a postal scale is a must. In addition, if your parcel is bulky enough, you can easily weigh it with a postage scale that has its display attached externally.

Weight Scale with Label Printing

4. Automatic Data Transfer and Label Printing

These are the conveniences, where a food scale has nothing to offer. While, a postal scale can connect to your computer and automatically transfer the data to the online database. In addition to that, if you want to connect a label printer with your scale, the only option left for you is a postage scale.

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