How Accurate is Renpho Scale

Renpho – a reputed name in the field of digital weight management. Nowadays, use of digital scales, especially bathroom scales, are not limited to just measuring weight. Rather, in this current trend these are increasingly used to measure body composition at home. Now the question is how accurate is Renpho scale. 

In an era of digital weight management, we rely heavily on these devices. Manufacturers are also aware of that and always put effort to cash on it. This has resulted in a growing number of apps that used to track metrics relating to weight, health and overall nutrition have been finding ways to integrate tech features to live products.    

Renpho seems to be leading the race, therefore it’s important to know how accurate Renpho scales are. Well, among the high-tech scales with integrated Bluetooth connectivity the smart RENPHO Scale is one of the most accurate models on the market. 

What Is A Renpho Scale

Basically, a digital scale that can effectively measure body fat percentage together with other metrics relating to overall nutrition. Unlike other digital scales it can integrate with popular fitness apps. Simple in use and reputed for tracking fitness goals.

How Accurate is Renpho Scale

Measure 13 various metrics; all related to health and fitness. You will have all the readings ready within a few seconds of putting yourself on it. Designed with four separate sensors, where each of them is serving distinct purposes. Besides, users can track all the measurements on their smartphone over Bluetooth. 

How Accurate is Renpho Scale

The accuracy of a digital scale largely depends on how it’s being used and Renpho scales are not any exception. The same scale can yield different results for the same person in different circumstances. However, in terms of accuracy there are a few that can challenge the superiority of Renpho.

We all know that body fat scales are not exactly correct and usually provide a rough estimate of a person’s BFP. However, when using standard mathematical formulas, the accuracy of these scales increases quite incredibly.

renpho scale accuracy

Owing to the compliance of all standards set for a digital weighing scale, Renpho provides a very high degree of accuracy when it comes to calculating body fat and other measurements. Besides, in comparison to models with similar functions and features that often come at higher costs, Renpho scales are by far the best option at a reasonable price. 

We understand that these scales are still far away from giving an exact measurement, even in some cases the result might deviate up to 30 percent. Nevertheless, it’s really difficult to keep the conveniences aside. 

What Renpho Actually Do?

In plain words, Renpho checks your weight. But, do it in a smart way. When doing so it also measures some other metrics too and processes them to give you a clear idea of your physics. Let’s clarify further.

The Renpho scale works with sensors that use bioelectrical impedance to provide readings. Then records and sends that information to the manufacturer’s server over your Wi-Fi network for analysis. A dedicated iOS/Android compatible Renpho app, then bring all those data back to you.

In order to measure your body composition, Renpho Bluetooth smart scale sends a low electrical current up through one foot and read it with a sensor placed underneath the other foot. It means the current goes up through your leg and then across your pelvis. During this whole process it measures the amount of resistance the current receives from your body fat. 

The science behind this is electrical current passes quite slowly through body fat. Scientifically, fat tends to have less water content than muscle. Thus, it is denser than muscle and rationally making it more difficult for the current to travel through.  

Therefore, as the current goes back through the other leg the scale calculates the amount of resistance to come back up with the body composition. The more the resistance the more the fat.  

Benefits and All Effects of Renpho Scale

Multitudes of benefits of use, formidable degree of accuracy in calculating body fat and other measuring options result in a surge of demand for Renpho scales. Notwithstanding, with all these advantages, there are some drawbacks too. Before you make your mind, have a cautious look at those.

benefits of renpho scale

Benefits of Renpho Scale

  1. Provide a high degree of accuracy in composition analysis, goal setting, and tracking user profiles. 
  2. Only comparable to medical grade devices in terms of calculating percentages of body fat.
  3. Offers features that are similar to high end, expensive variants.
  4. Affordably priced. Indeed, compared to its conveniences, the price seems quite insignificant. 
  5. Passed the test of time and provide reliability when you weigh yourself  
  6. Apart from measuring body fat percentage and BMI, it also measures 11 other metrics too. 
  7. You can track the real time progress relating to various diet charts. 
  8. Designed by taking portability into account, thus can be moved anywhere effortlessly. 
  9. Simple in use and no issues regarding calibration. 
  10. The overall quality is somewhat superb and puts multiple features together in a single device.


  1. Although it is termed as medical grade, it doesn’t offer any medical insight or full healthcare assessment.
  2. Accuracy is the subject of fluctuation and deviates quite often. 
  3. Can’t be used anywhere, tough and even surface is a must for accurate reading. 
  4. Only weight can be checked instantly. Other measurements will have to sync from the app. If you don’t have an active data connection those are not accessible. 
  5. Often termed as a device for the full family, nonetheless, information can only be synced to a single device.

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One accurate measurement, as the saying goes, is worth a thousand expert opinions. But, when it comes to body fat scales, it’s hard to get the precise measurement. Indeed, it’s near impossible. All the scales are manufactured with a certain level of tolerance. Even though Renpho scales are known for their accuracy, they also deviate to a certain degree in terms of accuracy. 

However, if you take its price into account, its level of accuracy demands some real appreciation. In addition to that, Renpho yields a rough estimate regarding your body fat percentage. Together with BMI, it will give you a general indication of your overall health. 

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