How Does Renpho Scale Work : Need For Accurate Reading

No matter what makes you interested in digital bathroom scales, as you are here you surely need to know. If you desperately want to lose a few pounds and keep those pounds off, you need to follow certain diets and types of exercise. However, if you are already in the process of fat-burning, then you surely hear the name Renpho.

It’s neither a diet policy, nor an exercising tool, rather a digital bathroom scale. Indeed, a handy device to track your progress. Most of us grew up with a scale in the house, which is used to perform all the tasks needed. But, we are sorry — you can’t just do daily household practices with Renpho scales.

Renpho specializes in measuring body fat. Engineered with up to date technologies, where bioelectrical impedance technology is in the core. Besides, as a smart scale, works with various sensors that other than body fat, effectively measure 12 other metrics too. Now the question is how does Renpho scale work? Read ahead to know.

How Does Renpho Smart Scale Work?

Buying a device without prior knowledge on how it works could meet with disappointment. Especially digital bathroom scales, given that these measuring tools are designed to track your fitness progress. Even in some cases bathroom scales assist in monitoring medical conditions. Besides, the working principle of digital scale is also an indication of how accurate it can be.

Before you come to a decisive conclusion on how accurate Renpho scales are, let’s have a look at how it works. Renpho is a smart scale that can store data of up to eight individuals. Which means instead of a single individual, an entire family can reap the benefit from a single scale.

How Does Renpho Scale WorkWith regular scales we measure and forget the outcome the very next moment. However, with Renpho, things are a bit different. It checks your weight, records and stores this information to the manufacturer’s dedicated server through the Wi-Fi network. One can argue what the manufacturer will do with my information. We can assure you that Renpho has nothing to do with your data, rather it’s for your convenience. With the data stored in a server, one can easily access them whenever needed with an active data connection.

Renpho developed a dedicated mobile app, which is available both in android and iOS app store. Simply install that on your smartphone and track your weight and other data anywhere, anytime. Other than that, these scales are powered with Bluetooth connection; smart communication is a reality now.

To measure one’s body composition, it sends a low level, harmless electrical signal up through one foot. A sensor is placed beneath another foot to take the reading of how much electrical current has passed through. The recipe is, electricity passes through human body fat more slowly, and through lean mass quickly. The scale measures the time electricity takes to travel through the body and determines the volume of resistance to come back up with the body composition. In other words, the amount of fat your body has.

Calculate Your Body Fat With Renpho

It’s simple, just step on the scale; readings are due in a few moments. Nevertheless, there is a sizable gap between measurement and precise measurement. Though Renpho is capable of yielding an accurate result instantly, following a few steps can make the outcome more precise.

how does renpho calculate visceral fat

Before you start, take off your shoes and socks. Experts even suggest wiping the feet with a damp cloth, and leaving them slightly damp prior to stepping on the scale. It increases the rate of accuracy quite significantly. Now, switch the power on and wait until the scale shows “0.0”. If you have your personal data already stored in the device press the up or down arrow to navigate to your personal memory number.

Now, step onto the scale. Make sure that each of your feet is placed on top of the electrodes. Stand as still as possible, at least for a few seconds. Your weight will appear first. If you are just checking your weight step off, when it shows your weight. But, if you want to know the other metrics too, remain on the scale. Your body fat and water percentage will be shown in a few seconds.

Why Renpho?

If you’ve already tried Googling “the best digital bathroom scale,” you’ve probably quickly found out that the internet has uncountable options to choose from — most seemingly very questionable, and also oddly expensive. But, it’s important to find the best smart scale that can address your needs.

renpho scale accuracy

I have been trying to lose body fat and gain muscle mass for quite a while now. Which led me to research the popular options available in the market. I have to admit that all the high-end options seemed excellent, however, the price acted as the stumbling block between researching and buying one. My objective was to find a smart scale that can meet the expectations yet nobody would hesitate to buy due to the cost involved.

However, the research ended up with only one name as end result — RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale. If your goal is to find an affordable, yet effective scale, then the RENPHO Smart Scale is the option you are looking for. It has received good reviews from the customers and the industry alike. In terms of performance, you would find it difficult to single it out from other more expensive smart scales.

How To Set Up Renpho

As a smart scale it is operated by an app. First download the Renpho app from Google play store or Apple app store. Despite being a Bluetooth device its set up is a bit different from a standard Bluetooth device. Pairing process isn’t done by the setting app, rather the Renpho app itself directly handles the procedure. Before you start the setup make sure that the Bluetooth setting on your smart device is enabled.

How Does Renpho Scale Work

Now, open the Renpho app and start the registration process. It will ask for a few personal data such as your name, gender, date of birth and height. All this information is going to be used by the RENPHO app to calculate the body composition metrics. Make sure that all the information is inputted accurately.

Once all the info has been input correctly, you can now begin the pairing process. Go to the main menu and stand directly on the scale. After a few seconds the Renpho app will automatically pair with the scale. If it doesn’t pair automatically just step off the scale and click the plus icon in the upper right corner of the app. It will lead you to the pairing screen. Step back on the scale. The device should now be displayed on the screen. Select it, you are connected in a few seconds.

If you have previously been able to connect to the scale through the Renpho app and are having connectivity issues now, open the app again. Go to the main menu and click on the plus icon to access the “my connected accessory” screen. Click and swipe left the device appeared and then select delete. Now, click the plus icon again to go to the pairing screen. Step on the scale and select it when it pops up on the screen. Your device will be connected once again in a few seconds.

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