How To Make A Gram Scale

Weighing things in gram sometimes becomes very necessary. Those who weigh in grams each day are supposed to have a gram scale in their possession. Nonetheless, it’s not a device that every household essentially has. But, who knows when you need one?

A gram scale is a device that assists you weighing in grams and most interestingly you can make one of your own, at home. The most commonly available scales in the market right now are mostly digital and fit in your pocket quite nicely. Which means you can easily have one, however, what if you come unequipped when you need one badly.

Maybe the battery of the scale is empty or the device itself stops working. These scenarios signify the importance of knowing how to make a gram scale. Making a digital scale will not be that easy and it’s highly unlikely that you make one that fits in the pocket. But, a handmade scale will definitely get the job done.

How To Make A Gram Scale

Your unwillingness to spend on something that won’t be used for regular use can bar you from having one. Besides, you might be wondering, can I make a gram scale on my own?

Yes, you can make one of your own, too without spending heavily. In other words, one can make an effective gram scale from household ingredients. Some prefer to use office accessories, however, the process remains almost the same; simple and effortless.

Follow these easy steps to make extremely simple scales.

Ingredients To Make A Gram Scale

What you will need to make a gram scale:

  1. A wooden ruler
  2. Two coins of same weight
  3. A bottle cap or something similar to hold what you are weighing
  4. A pencil
  5. Tape
  6. Glue
  7. String

Before you start make sure that the coins are of the same weight. Simply Google, how much the coin weighs and note it down. Take two coins of the same year and that’s how you are going to get your weight right.

  • Place the pencil under the ruler. Ensure that the pencil is directly in the center of the ruler. This will make the both sides teeter- tottering, indeed balanced. Tie them up with the string. For better stability, wrap the area that has been tied, with tape. This will hold the ruler exactly in the same place and keep the string from sliding down the ruler.
  • Place a coin at the very end of the ruler and fix it with glue. On the other end, place the bottle cap and drop the other coin in it. The ruler is tilted to one side. Slide the cap down to the ruler until it starts to teeter-tottering again. That’s the point where the coin and the cap are exactly the same weight.
  • Finally, add whatever it is that you want to weigh. Slowly add it in the bottle cap and notice when it tips. The moment the ruler tips you know you have exactly the same weight of the coin. Use coins of various weights to measure different weights.

Why Do I Need A Gram Scale?

After all this, you might be curious, exactly why do I need a gram scale? Well, what I can tell you is, these scales are effective when you want to weigh small portions of a substance. For example, when you need to measure a few grams of powder or scale sugar for coffee, these items come handy.

In spite of the fact that it is difficult to get the real weight using these scales, it is still helpful. These scales give a rough estimate and in most of the household or day-to-day work you can weave the preciseness.

Why do you need a gram scale

In the kitchen, you can’t just avoid the need of a gram scale; digital or homemade. No matter whether you are cooking dinner once a year or you do it each night, a gram scale has plenty to offer to every home chef.

If the scale happens to be handmade you will get a rough estimate; enough for a kitchen pro. It effectively reduces the need of spending money for a digital scale. On the other hand, for the newbies, using a digital scale would be the best practice. Here we noted a few reasons why a gram scale is an integral part of a kitchen.

  • Offer accuracy and maintain consistency, which is highly appreciated in cooking. Specially, a process that consists of chemical reaction, thus requires precise ingredient measurement, such as baking.
  • Those who are on a diet and maintain a diet chart need to measure the ingredients to calculate the amount of calories being consumed.
  • In addition to cooking, mixing complex drinks also requires a steady hand. From coffee to cocktails, if you can get the portions right, compliments are bound to follow. And a gram scale gives you a good hand in this regard.

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