How To Read Weighing Scale In Pounds

Weighing scale, sometimes called a weighing balance, is used for measuring weight. It may not be realized that way, however, for the time being it’s an integral part of life. Whether you are about to drop a package at the post office or you are in the manufacturing world, a day without a weighing scale is unimaginable.

In general, digital weighing scales are designed to measure in various units, which includes pounds. Nevertheless, there are still some manual devices that are engineered to weigh in a specific unit only. 

Since it’s quite essential in daily life it’s highly likely that you already get acquainted with one. But, do you know how to read weighing scale in pounds? If you do, then it’s great. Because, a lot of users don’t know much in this regard. If you happen to be one of them just read ahead to know how to read weighing scales measurement in the pound.   

Scales That Weigh In Pounds

Pound – a basic measuring unit widely used in the USA and UK. Almost all the weighing scales come with the option of measuring in pounds alongside other units. When reading a weighing scale in pounds is the concern, just follow these simple steps.

How to Read Weighing Scale in Pounds

In order to get an accurate measurement, first of all place your scale on an even and tough surface. Remember, if you place it on an uneven surface chances are high it will come up with an inaccurate result. Select the placement in accordance with the use, such as if it is going to be used as a kitchen scale, put it on the shelf. If the scale is meant to weigh your weight choose an open space where you can stand still on it.  

Now, simply turn the device on. Wait for a few seconds as it will show some unstable readings. For the most part, scales show zero when they get stable. If not, then set it manually by pressing the tare or zero. Your scale might be set at grams, kilograms or ounces. Change that from the setting and set it to pound. 

Your scale is ready to yield you a reading in the pound. Put whatever you want. Just make sure that it’s not heavier than the scale’s rated weighing capacity. Don’t panic if your scale starts to fluctuate again. Wait until it becomes stable, you will have the reading ready in pounds in a few seconds. 

In case you want to check your own weight, remove all the heavy clothing before you step on. A fluctuation will occur in this case too. Wait until the screen stops running. Your weight is on the screen now. For a more accurate reading stand still for a few seconds with your head up.      

Measuring Unit of Pound – In Details

A pound is a unit of mass which use is limited in some selected nations that includes the United States and the United Kingdom. In the UK there is another pound (£) – the official currency of Britain. As we are talking about weight and weighing scale, today our focus will be bestowed on the pound – the unit of mass.  

A pound is most commonly defined as the basic unit of mass in the Foot Pound Second (F.P.S) system. While some define it as the avoirdupois pound and symbolized as lb – originated from the Roman libra (hence the abbreviation “lb”). 

Avoirdupois pound first came into prominence back in c. 1300. Initially, it was equal to 6992 troy grains, which later redefined as 7,000 troy grains during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. However, today a pound is equal to 0.45359237 kilograms. In terms of ounces, it stands precisely at 16 ounces.   

How To Convert A Scale To Pound

A digital scale has a number of measuring options. You can choose which unit you want to measure. If you wish to measure in the pound, but the scale is set at kilogram what will you do? Well, all you need to do is change the setting. Now the question is how to change the unit setting. Don’t worry, it’s simple.

Using a Scale to Convert Pounds

In order to switch those around, just turn the scale upside down and look closely. There is a little switch on the bottom, somewhere around the battery housing, marked with various weighing units. 

With a small screwdriver you can move the switch to whatever setting you want. As we want to convert it to pound, push the switch to lb. Now, put the right side up again. Your scale is ready to give you reading in pounds. If you wish to set it back into kg simply follow the same steps and switch it to kg again.

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