What Does Ozt Mean On A Scale?

Whenever it comes to weigh something, we usually do it in gram, kilogram, and pound or at the very best ounce. Most of the scales also have kilogram or pound in default setting. However, what does Ozt mean on a scale? How much do you know about Ozt or do you even have knowledge about it?  

Well, being unaware about it isn’t a crime and you are not obliged to. Ozt is a relatively unknown and less heard of unit of measurement, despite the fact that it has extensive use in precision measurement. In other words, used in weighing precious metals. Thus, it’s obvious professionals, not mass people, have a deep understanding regarding Ozt.

Nevertheless, you can fairly be curious and have every right to know. Just keep reading to know, what does Ozt stand for? Use of Ozt and how to measure Ozt in a scale. 

What Does Ozt Mean On A Scale?

Ozt is the symbol of the measuring unit Troy ounce. It is the similar marking for Troy Ounces or Ounces Troy, which is not identical to the common ounce. Thus, this measuring system is mostly unknown and has particular use. 

Ozt Measurement Scale

In particular, this unit of measurement typically has extensive use in weighing precious metals, for example, gold and silver, jewelry and gemstones. On a scale 1 troy ounce is equivalent to 31.1035 grams, while in terms of common ounce it is 28.3495 grams.   

Ozt (Troy Ounce) – in details

The origin of Troy weight is unknown as of today. Nevertheless, as a system of unit of mass, it is believed that troy weight initially originated in 15th-century England. At first its use was limited to precious metals only. As history suggests the name may have originated from Troyes – a French market, where English merchants used to trade back in the 9th century.

Besides, the Roman monetary system has a huge influence on Tory weight. Aes grave – a bronze bar that was used as the currency for the Romans. And, one twelfth of it was called ‘uncia’, which in modern day we know as an ounce. Before the adoption of the metric system, Europe was mostly relying on various systems of troy weights. 

Troy Ounce vs Normal Ounce

In England, back in 1527 it received official approval for use in measuring gold and silver. And was in the heart of the British weighing system before the inauguration of The British Imperial system of weights and measures, in 1824. Even a troy ounce that we use now is essentially the same as the British Imperial Troy ounce.   

Uses of Ozt

Ozt isn’t a unit of measurement very much talked about. Mostly, because daily commodities and basic household needs can’t be measured in Ozt. Nonetheless, you might have seen it in advertising billboards, which do marketing for precious metal made jewelry. But, it’s highly likely that you didn’t see Ozt, since in most cases the unit Tory ounce remains visible.

Uses of Ozt Scale


It may not play a notable part in daily weighing activities, however, handles deals worth billion dollars. Produce highly specific reading and ensure consistency, when it comes to measuring the weights of precious metal. Even in ancient times items made of gold and silver were marked with troy ounce. 

Don’t mix-up Ozt with Oz

Since both the symbols are almost similar things could be confusing sometimes. Although they seem alike, use and definition remain distinctly different. 

If you hear someone talking about weighing in ounces, chances are high that he might be talking about Avoirdupois Ounce. Which is symbolized with Oz and is the barely used official name of ordinary ounce. Ordinary scales that are calibrated in ounces, for example, bathroom scales, kitchen scales, produce scales generally use this Avoirdupois Ounce. And a pound is equal to 16 avoirdupois ounces.

Ozt vs Oz

On the other hand, Tory ounce has designated use worldwide. If you are thinking of buying or selling any precious metal, gold bars or silver coins for example, be 100 percent sure on which ounce you are working with. In addition to that, working on the scrap value of old gold or silver items also demands your attention regarding the type of ounce being used. 

Apart from precious metals, gunpowder is also measured in Troy Ounces. Avoirdupois ounce and Troy ounce are not exactly the same weight, rather, have a difference of 9.7%, where Troy Ounce is heavier than an Avoirdupois Ounce.

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