What to Do in This Preschool Flower Theme

This flower theme is perfect for spring and summer! Preschoolers will love exploring the different parts of flowers, planting their own seeds, and watching them grow. Here are some fun activities to do with your class during this flower theme.

If you’re looking for something fun to do with your preschoolers this spring, a flower theme is always a hit! Here are some ideas of activities you can do with a flower theme: -Visit a local botanical garden or park and go on a nature walk.

See how many different flowers you can find and identify. -Plant some flowers in pots or in the ground. Help your child water them and watch them grow!

-Make some homemade paper flowers. You can use construction paper, tissue paper, or even coffee filters. -Have a picnic lunch outside surrounded by pretty flowers.

Don’t forget to bring along some real (or pretend) butterflies!

What to Do in This Preschool Flower Theme

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What Do You Teach Preschoolers About Flowers?

We teach preschoolers about flowers by teaching them the different parts of a flower. We also teach them how to plant and care for flowers.

What Do the Parts of a Flower Do Preschool?

When it comes to the parts of a flower, preschoolers may be most interested in the petals. After all, they are often the showiest part of the flower. But each part of the flower serves an important purpose in the plant’s life cycle.

The stem is responsible for supporting the flower and keeping it upright. The leaves help to produce food for the plant through photosynthesis. And the roots anchor the plant in place and absorb water and nutrients from the soil.

The petals, meanwhile, play an important role in attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies. The brightly colored petals serve as a signal to these insects that there is nectar available. When they land on the petals, they brush against pollen-covered stamens, which helps to fertilize the flower’s ovules and produce seeds.

So next time you see a pretty flower, take a moment to appreciate all of its parts – not just its pretty petals!

How Do Preschoolers Grow Flowers?

When it comes to growing flowers, even preschoolers can get in on the action! Here are a few tips on how to help your little ones grow beautiful blooms: 1. Start with easy-to-grow flowers.

Some good options include marigolds, cosmos, and zinnias. 2. Help your child choose a sunny spot in the yard or garden for planting. 3. Have them dig small holes for each seedling, then assist with placing the plants in the ground and watering them well.

4. As the flowers start to grow, encourage your child to gently brush their petals each day – this helps promote healthy growth and makes them extra sweet-smelling!

What Flowers Do Children Like?

There’s no one answer to this question since every child is different. Some children may like flowers that are brightly colored, while others may prefer those with a more subtle hue. Some kids might enjoy the smell of certain flowers, while others might find the fragrance overpowering.

Ultimately, it depends on the individual child’s preferences. That said, there are some flowers that tend to be popular among kids. Sunflowers are often a favorite, thanks to their cheerful appearance and optimistic disposition.

Daisies are another kid-friendly option, as they’re simple and unassuming yet still pretty and fun. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, consider giving your child a bouquet of carnations – they come in many different colors and have a sweet smell that kids usually love.

Flower Theme Preschool Lesson Plans

Flower Theme Lesson Plans Preschool

If you’re looking for some fun and festive flower themed lesson plans for your preschoolers, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find a variety of activities that will help your students learn about the parts of a flower, the life cycle of a plant, and even how to take care of their own gardens. No matter what time of year it is, these lessons are sure to bloom!

Parts of a Flower: One way to introduce flowers to your students is by teaching them about the different parts of a flower. This can be done through books, pictures, or even real flowers that you have on hand.

Begin by asking your students if they know what a flower is. Once they share their ideas with you, explain that flowers are actually made up of many different parts. Use the book The Magic School Bus Gets Pollinated as a starting point, or check out this helpful website for more information.

After learning about the various parts of a flower, challenge your students to see if they can label each part on their own paper flowers (you can find templates online or make your own). The Life Cycle of a Plant: After covering the basics about flowers, it’s time to dive into the life cycle of plants!

This is such an important concept for young learners to understand, as it helps them gain appreciation for all that goes into growing our food and flowers. A great way to introduce this topic is by reading The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. As you read aloud, pause periodically to point out the different stages of plant growth depicted in the illustrations.

Afterwards, lead a discussion about what other things plants need besides sun and water in order to grow (such as soil and air).

Questions to Ask Preschoolers About Flowers

When you ask a preschooler about flowers, you will be sure to get a smile in return. Here are some questions that will help you engage them in conversation while also teaching them a thing or two about these beautiful plants. What color are flowers?

Do all flowers have petals? How do bees help flowers? Why do flowers smell good?

Preschool Flower Books

When it comes to flower books for preschoolers, there are so many charming and beautiful titles to choose from! Here are just a few of our favorites: The Flower Girl by David McPhail – This sweet story follows a little girl who loves flowers and loves to give them away to everyone she meets.

The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle – In this classic tale, a lonely firefly goes on a quest to find others like him. Along the way he meets some friendly animals who help him on his journey. We Planted a Tree by Diane Muldrow – This heartwarming book is about two friends who plant a tree together and watch it grow over the years.

A lovely story about friendship and nature. What Can You Do with a Paleta? By Carmen Tafolla – This delightful book celebrates the paleta, or popsicle, in all its fruity goodness!

A fun read aloud that will have your little ones begging for an icy treat afterwards.


This blog post outlines some activities that can be done in a preschool flower theme. These activities include planting and caring for a class garden, making flower Suncatchers, doing a “flower power” science experiment, and learning about the parts of a flower. Each activity is described in detail, with information on what materials are needed and how to carry out the activity.

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